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Master Chen Tingshi Ceramic Sculpture Artwork
  • Master Chen Tingshi Ceramic Sculpture ArtworkMaster Chen Tingshi Ceramic Sculpture Artwork
  • Master Chen Tingshi Ceramic Sculpture ArtworkMaster Chen Tingshi Ceramic Sculpture Artwork
  • Master Chen Tingshi Ceramic Sculpture ArtworkMaster Chen Tingshi Ceramic Sculpture Artwork

Master Chen Tingshi Ceramic Sculpture Artwork

Master Chen Tingshi Ceramic Sculpture Artwork, Master Chen Tingshi is a renowned ceramic sculpture artist based in China, known for his exceptional talent and craftsmanship in creating stunning ceramic artworks. With a deep passion for the art form, Master Chen Tingshi has dedicated his life to honing his skills and pushing the boundaries of ceramic sculpture.

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Product Description

Introduction to the Sculpture Master

Master of Sculpture

Chen Tingshi

Chen Tingshi, male, was born in 1977 in Dehua——the capital of ceramics in the world.He graduated from the Sculpture Design major at Dehua Vocational and Technical College in 1995. In 2004,was founded the Tingshi Porcelain Art Research Institute in Dehua, Fujian Province, where he currently serves as the Chief Designer. Chen is recognized as a Chinese Traditional Handicraft Master, Fujian Provincial Arts and Crafts Master, a renowned figure in Fujian Province's arts and crafts field, Fujian Provincial Senior Arts and Crafts Artist, National Level/Advanced Technician, Fujian Provincial Senior Sculpture Art Master, Quanzhou City Arts and Crafts Master, representative inheritor of intangible cultural heritage in Dehua County, one of the top ten skilled masters in Dehua County, senior talent in Quanzhou City, recommended ceramic art master on Quanzhou Radio and Television's "Maritime Silk Road Masters" program, Executive Director of Quanzhou Zen Art Charity Center, the Dream Ambassador of Quanzhou Radio and Television's "Thistle Voice" program, mentor of Quanzhou Youth Development Promotion Association, innovation and entrepreneurship mentor of the Maritime Silk Road Masters Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, member of the China Arts and Crafts Association, and Executive Director of the Fujian Sculpture Artists Association.

Chen focuses on the inheritance and innovation of his works. Dehua white porcelain flourished during the Tang and Song dynasties and reached its peak during the Ming dynasty. The "He School," represented by He Chaozong of the Ming dynasty, is particularly renowned. For decades, Chen has dedicated himself not only to the diligent study of the "He School" techniques but also to the research of Chinese traditional culture. He excels at incorporating the cultural and historical sentiments of the region into his innovative and creative works, combining them with traditional ceramic craftsmanship in Dehua.Chen has participated in numerous large-scale exhibitions and important events, showcasing his ceramic sculpting skills on-site. With his masterful techniques and high level of craftsmanship, he has gained high recognition from leaders and distinguished guests both domestically and internationally. He has been invited multiple times to participate in live performances at the China World Heritage-themed Cultural Expo, receiving acclaim from guests from home and abroad.

Sculpture Artwork Series:

  • Mazu1

  • Mazu2

  • Mazu3

  • Mazu4

  • Buddha1

  • Buddha2

  • Buddha3

  • Buddha4

  • Eagle1

  • Eagle2

  • Eagle3

  • Eagle4

  • Fisher Girl-1

  • Fisher Girl-2

  • Fisher Girl-3

  • Fisher Girl-4

  • Master Hongyi-1

  • Master Hongyi-2

  • Master Hongyi-3

  • Master Hongyi-4

  • Avalokitesvara Holding Lotus

  • Sit fish Avalokitesvara

  • Brush Pen

  • Lithium Jump Dragon Phoenix

  • Cabbage1

  • Cabbage2

Sculpture  crafts Specification (CM)
Cabbage  painting 42*22*30CM
Avalokitesvara Holding Lotus Ji Cai 20*18*52CM
Cagle China white 53*27*44
Fisher Girl China white 42*17*28CM
Brush Pen China white 43*7*10CM
Buddha Ji Cai 47*27*50CM
Master Hongyi China white L:23*17*69CM         S:13*11*39CM
Mazu Ji Cai 32*23*56CM
The carp jumps from dragon to phoenix Ji Cai 19*12*26
Sit Fish Avalokitesvara China white 20*13*55CM
Amitabha painting 22*22*69CM
Smiling face Buddha  painting 35*20*33CM
Amitreya Buddha Ji Cai 30*20*25CM
Maitreya painting 23*20*41CM
Willing ox painting 20*7*38CM
The boy worships the Goddess of Mercy Ji Cai 25*16*47CM
Manjusri Ji Cai 31*20*42CM
Laugh and get rich Ji Cai 27*20*45CM
Consummation Bodhisattva Ji Cai 37*16*52CM
The God of Longevity Ji Cai 30*20*27CM


Tang Cai technique (also known as "Ji Cai") integrates the vibrant colors of Tangka art into the refined beauty of Dehua white porcelain. By combining colors such as yellow, green, red, blue, and purple with the elegant form of Dehua porcelain, the Tang Cai technique incorporates the firing techniques of Dehua porcelain, Tangka painting, jewelry inlay, and metal casting. This combination results in Buddha sculptures that exude grace and grandeur, while the clever interplay of light and shadow adds liveliness to the figures. (Tang Cai involves hand-painting on pre-fired white porcelain bodies, with larger statues taking approximately half a year to complete. Once painted, no further firing is required. The materials used are natural mineral substances, and the surface may exhibit granular particles. The golden lines visible on the product are made of genuine gold.)

Customise and Trade Terms:

Customization is available based on customer requirements. Once the artwork is completed, customers can inspect the goods on-site and complete the transaction.

These sculpture artworks are unique creations crafted by art masters. They require a significant amount of time to complete and are priced at a premium due to their high artistic value and collectability.

Collectors and enthusiasts of such artworks can also visit the personal studio of the master in Fujian Province for product authentication and transactions.

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