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White porcelain (a type of traditional Chinese porcelain)


White porcelain is a type of traditional Chinese porcelain classification (celadon, blue and white porcelain, colored porcelain, white porcelain).   It is made of porcelain blanks with low iron content and fired with pure transparent glaze.   The Han working people have a long history of making porcelain and have a wide variety.   In addition to the noble and elegant blue and white porcelain and colorful porcelain, the elegant white porcelain is also a favorite variety.   Early white porcelain was found in the Eastern Han tomb in Changsha, Hunan Province.   However, mature white porcelain did not become popular until the Sui Dynasty.   In addition to the large-scale production and application of white porcelain in the Song Dynasty, which had a historical impact on later generations, it is also related to the Han people's emphasis on sacrificing heaven and earth and ancestors.   It not only has a yearning for purity and peace, but also contains a reverence for the heaven and earth, the sun and the moon, and is full of incomparable nostalgia and respect for the ancestors.

There is no or only a very small amount of coloring agent in the glaze, and the green green glaze is glazed, and the plain white porcelain is fired by a high-temperature flame in the kiln.

Chinese porcelain making has a long history and a wide variety.   In addition to the noble and elegant blue and white and colorful porcelain.   Plain white porcelain is also a favorite variety, although it does not look like colorful patterns and bright colors, but in the unpretentious, it shows people the natural beauty.   White porcelain generally refers to porcelain with white porcelain tires and transparent glaze on the surface.   There are many white porcelains of the Tang Dynasty in the Shanghai Museum.   These Tang Dynasty white porcelain production is exquisite, the tire soil is washed clean, less impurities, the tire is very fine, and the whiteness is relatively high, after a layer of transparent glaze, the color reflected is very white, tea saint Lu Yu in the "Tea Sutra", once praised the Tang Dynasty Xing kiln white porcelain as the best quality, and described its tire glaze as white as snow and silver.

White porcelain tea set has the characteristics of dense and transparent billet, high fire degree of glazed and pottery, no water absorption, clear sound and long rhyme.  Because of its white color, it can reflect the color of the tea soup, moderate heat transfer and heat preservation performance, plus colorful and different shapes, which can be called a treasure in tea drinking vessels.  As early as the Tang Dynasty, the white porcelain utensils produced by Xingyao in Hebei Province were "universally used by nobles and nobles in the world".  Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty also wrote poems praising the white porcelain tea bowls produced in Dayi, Sichuan.  In the Yuan Dynasty, white porcelain tea sets in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province have been exported abroad.  Today, white porcelain tea sets are even more renewed.  This white-glazed tea set is suitable for all kinds of tea.  In addition, the white porcelain tea set is exquisite in shape and elegantly decorated, and its outer wall is mostly painted with mountains and rivers, seasonal flowers and plants, birds and animals, character stories, or decorated with celebrity calligraphy, and has artistic appreciation value, so it is the most commonly used.
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