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"China White Dehua porcelain" industry high-quality development five-year action plan


Thousands of years of porcelain have blown billion of horns 

Dehua is located in the "roof of Minzhong" Daiyun mountain hinterland, mountains, water enough, rich ore, porcelain beauty, thousands of years passed on, so that the ceramic industry has become Dehua's advantage industry, leading industry and livelihood industry. Recently, Dehua released the five-year action plan for the high-quality development of the "China White Dehua porcelain" industry from 2023-2027 and blew the horn of the ceramic industry cluster of 100 billion. Dehua porcelain production has a long history, starting from the Neolithic Age, prospering in the Tang and Song dynasties, and flourishing in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In recent years, Dehua has focused on the excavation and collation of the cultural connotation of ceramics, giving historical stories the connotation of The Times, so that the millennium porcelain fire will not be extinguished. In recent years, Dehua Ceramics has taken the initiative to appear on the international stage, demonstrating cultural confidence. From the Beijing Winter Olympics ceramic mascot "Bing Dwen ", to the Qatar World Cup official licensed commodities large coffee cups, small waist beer glasses, a number of explosive products let the world feel the charm of "world porcelain capital · Dehua". At the beginning of this year, 35 ceramic enterprises in Dehua County went to Malaysia and Singapore to expand the market and carried out special exhibitions and promotion activities of "Chinese White Dehua Porcelain" and achieved remarkable results.

After the RCEP came into effect, the export of Dehua ceramics to Southeast Asian countries increased rapidly. In the future, Dehua will take advantage of the "Belt and Road", seize the development opportunities of RCEP, implement the internationalization strategy of Dehua ceramic industry, organize the "China White Silk Road" activities, actively build a trade platform with the "Belt and Road" countries and regions and RCEP member states, explore the establishment of the "ceramic capital International Alliance", and constantly expand the sustainable growth of the international market space. To guide the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade.

Dehua Kiln is a famous ancient kiln site in China. At present, there are 239 ancient kiln sites found in Dehua, covering 18 towns in the county. In July 2021, Dehua Kiln site (Weilin - Neisban, Qudou Palace two kiln sites), as one of the "Quanzhou: Song and Yuan China's World Marine Trade Center" heritage sites, was successfully included in the "World Heritage List", becoming the world's first batch of porcelain kiln world Heritage. In December 2022, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage announced the fourth batch of National Archaeological site Park listing and project list, and Dehua Kiln National Archaeological Site Park was officially approved for project approval.

In order to accelerate the development of the ceramic industry, Dehua County recently held the "China White Dehua Porcelain" industry high-quality development conference and released the five-year action plan for the high-quality development of the "China White Dehua porcelain" industry from 2023-2027. In the next five years, Dehua County will focus on cultivating and growing the "China white Dehua porcelain" industry, expand international influence, enhance process innovation, enhance market competitiveness, deeply implement the integrated development of "ceramics +" industry, and vigorously develop new products, new equipment, new materials, new technologies, and new processes. Promote fashion products, high-end brands, digital manufacturing, green production, process standardization, and resource intensification, and promote the ceramic industry cluster to exceed 100 billion yuan by 2027.

At present, Dehua has completed the preparation of the Master Plan of Dehua Kiln Archaeological Site Park (2022-2035), and strives to build Dehua Kiln Archaeological Site Park into a large-scale cultural and tourism integrated project integrating archaeological display, sightseeing and experience, research and travel, leisure and shopping, etc., so that tourists can feel the charm of Dehua ceramic culture at close range.

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