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2023 Autumn Birmingham International Consumer Goods Exhibition


Fujian Province Dehua County investment promotion and ceramic enterprises supply and acquisition matching meeting was held in Birmingham, UK on the 4th. Fifteen Dehua ceramic enterprises with more than 2,000 pieces of Dehua ceramic products appeared at the Birmingham Autumn International Consumer Goods Fair.

Nicola Meadows, industry President of Hyve Exhibition Group, the organizing committee of the expo, warmly welcomed the delegation and exhibitors from Dehua County. "This year we have established new contacts with Chinese manufacturers, so that buyers can see that all manufacturers not only have beautiful products but also follow responsible sourcing principles," she said.

Four Dehua ceramic enterprises conducted a publicity demonstration at the promotion meeting. The person in charge of Fujian Quanzhou Shunmei Group Co., Ltd. said that the company has established business contacts with several large retailers in the United Kingdom and hopes to further expand cooperation and explore the market through this expo.

Susanna Ellingham, Director of International procurement at Hyve Exhibition Group, said in an interview with Xinhua Silk Road reporter: "Many of our buyers and buyers did not know the capabilities of Dehua ceramic industry before, through this exhibition they not only saw the exquisite Dehua ceramic ware, but also understood that Dehua enterprises are producing ceramics in a responsible way." We look forward to building even closer cooperation with China in the future."

When it comes to suggestions for the future development of the Dehua ceramic industry, Ellingham suggested that Dehua enterprises should seize more opportunities to show how the process of making products is certified and regulated and show how beautiful products are made with good raw materials and good ways, which is the most important thing for buyers and purchasers in Europe.

The Dehua delegation also visited the ceramic Culture Park of Wedgwood, a famous British ceramic brand, and had an in-depth discussion on the development of ceramic enterprises with Richard Delaney, the design director of the brand. Delaney believes that telling a good brand story should be the focus of brand development, compared with Dehua's 3,700 years of porcelain history, Wedgwood's 250 years or so history can only be considered a relatively new enterprise, but because of telling a good brand story, it has been respected by British consumers.

Delaney also said that design should be the top priority of ceramic companies, Wedgwood has been committed to working with well-known designers and brands in order to continue to produce products that are popular with consumers. In addition, constant communication with young consumers on social media platforms is also key to the brand's continued vitality.

The delegation also visited the UK-China cross-border E-commerce Exhibition Center and signed the "Cross-border E-commerce Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with the person in charge of the exhibition hall.

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