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Steamer Wine Warmer Set
  • Steamer Wine Warmer SetSteamer Wine Warmer Set
  • Steamer Wine Warmer SetSteamer Wine Warmer Set
  • Steamer Wine Warmer SetSteamer Wine Warmer Set
  • Steamer Wine Warmer SetSteamer Wine Warmer Set
  • Steamer Wine Warmer SetSteamer Wine Warmer Set

Steamer Wine Warmer Set

TYY is the supplier and manufacturer of Steamer Wine Warmer Set. We have a professional design team and technical team that can develop and customize production according to customer needs. Our materials are of high quality and our production processes are reliable. In our future development, we will continuously improve product quality and service standards to meet customer demands and achieve mutual success.

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Product Description

 Steamer Wine Warmer Set

  • 10016A- 01

  • 10016A- 02

  • 10016A- 03

Product Dimensions and Colors:

TYY2310016A colors: 01 Coarse Pottery Color/02 Coarse Pottery Black/03 Kiln Varied Bamboo Color.

10016A set accessories Color Specification (CM)
Handle Steamer Wine Pot Stone Ware/ Black Stone Ware / fambe bamboo L: 12.7*20.9CM
S: 12.8*18.5CM
Wine Pot Stone Ware/ Black Stone Ware / fambe bamboo L: 7.6*12.2CM, 360ML
S: 5.7*9.7CM, 150ML
Stove Stone Ware/ Black Stone Ware / fambe bamboo L: 14.4*10.5CM
S: 14.4*10.5CM
Wine cups Stone Ware/ Black Stone Ware / fambe bamboo 30ML

Product Highlights:

1.Unique Design: The design of this wine set is inspired by the traditional Chinese steamer. Its appearance resembles a steamer, complete with a stove, exuding a strong sense of traditional culture while maintaining a touch of modernity. The wine set is crafted using rough pottery techniques, making it exceptionally beautiful.

2.Wine Warming Function: This wine set is made of ceramic and features an alcohol lamp on the stove. The alcohol lamp warms the wine in the handle steamer pot, enhancing its aroma. The design gives the wine set a professional look and ensures safety during use, making it a safer alternative compared to traditional wine warmers.

Steamer Wine Set is made using two different techniques: rough surface and kiln change, and it is divided into two parts: the steamer section and the wine cup section. The steamer section is equipped with an alcohol lamp, which is used to heat the wine inside the wine pot, resulting in a more mellow flavor. It is suitable for various types of alcoholic beverages, including liquor, rice wine, and sake. The wine warmer set is convenient to use as it can be easily disassembled. The rough surface provides a non-slip grip, combining traditional and modern elements. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

Material: Kaolinite

Origin: Dehua——the porcelain capital of the world

Style: Retro style

Craftsmanship: rough surface+ kiln change

Product Details:

1.The steamer has realistic exterior details, and the base of the stove has a depression where an alcohol lamp can be placed to warm the wine.

2.The craftsmanship is divided into two types: coarse pottery and kiln transformation. Each type has its own unique characteristics. The kiln transformation technique gives the steamer a bamboo-like appearance, imitating the texture of woven bamboo, and the overall appearance is incredibly realistic.

3.The set includes two sizes of components: a handle steamer wine pot * 1, wine pot * 1, stove * 1, wine cups * 6 (the number of wine cups can be freely selected), and an alcohol lamp (optional based on requirements).

TYY brand concept:

Hope, open in the palm; Beautiful, around you and me. Bloom the fashion style home, create a home with happy times.

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